7 Good reasons to use a Duckworth’s back bar machine…

  • Total stock control (1 packet lost represents the profit on 10 packs sold)
  • No cost of stocking cigarettes
  • Good selection of cigarette brands and types of machines
  • Keeps your smoking customers in your premises (36% of pub goers are smokers)
  • Generates income for you
  • Same day service
  • A family business supporting your business

4 Step guide to… “How back bar machines Work”

  1. Customer goes to the bar and asks to buy a packet of cigarettes.
  2. Staff age verify the customer, remember if in doubt ask for ID. If no ID a polite refusal does not offend.
  3. Staff accept the payment and operate the machine to purchase a packet of cigarettes on behalf of the customer.
  4. Happy customer. Happy landlord. A legal way to sell cigarettes.

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